A Cause and effect essay is about presenting reasons, and coming up with explanations for events and conditions. It is about: Why do things happen or which are the factors that causes the occurrence of an event? The part, ‘effect’ in the cause and effect essay suggests after results of an action that occur due to a cause. A simple example sentence for a cause and effect essay is: this machine is out of service. ‘Cause’ in this example is that machine is out of service, and its effect is: machine will not be operated.


Creating the Cause and Effect Essay

Is it the listing of an event or phenomenon or trend or condition that you want to address in an essay? You must commence your essay with a cause. Doing additional research about the topic will aid you frame background of the cause, and it will keep the readers engaged with your essay.



The most vital part of a cause and effect essay is the establishment of relationship between the cause and its effect. It is advised to students that they create a rough draft for a cause and effect essay before creating its actual content. Things will become easier for you if you can come up with diagrams and demonstrations. It aids in coming up with a suitable conclusion of an essay. A faulty conclusion means that something is lacking in liaison between the cause and effect of the condition.



You must be able to identify the kind of cause of an essay whether the cause is necessary or sufficient or contributory one while defining the cause of your given topic. A necessary cause is one that needs to be present for the effect to take place. A sufficient cause can produce the effect while other factors may also be contributing to it as well. A contributory cause is about helping to produce the effect. Following examples may make the idea simpler:


  1. Food is essential for living things to last. It’s a necessary type.


  1. A dead battery can stop the watch from working. It is a sufficient type, as there may be other causes like faulty mechanisms generating the same effect.



  1. Breaking traffic rules may help the occurrence of an event. It is a contributory type, because other factors like cars and pedestrians may be present.


An important thing that students must remember while writing a cause and effect essay is that whether there is one cause, which has produced the effect or there are multitude of factors contributing to it. Using thesis statement to present the condition or an event at the beginning of an essay is a good practice. You must conclude your essay by summarizing the cause and effect, which have been mentioned in your essay. The summary of your essay should present the whole idea and theme of your essay to the readers so that they can form a logical link between the different thoughts, which you have tried to depict in your essay. Here are some general cause and effect essay, which you can use for the preparation:





  1. Why do you think you are an intelligent students?
  2. How is global warming affecting the world?
  3. How does alcohol affect the nervous system?


Writing a cause and effect may be a complex task for you; however, it is not that complex as you may think it is. Good preparation for a cause and effect essay will help you come up with an excellent essay. You may be required to write a cause and effect essay on a single cause or multiple causes. In a nutshell, you can write an effective cause and effect essay by practicing very hard for it.