The recent period is an era of technology. Technology is a vital part of our lives, and today we live in the world that is equipped with the latest technology. New gadgets and software are inventing every day in the modern era. Our lives have become simpler to live in with the advent of technology. Software and technology are keeping on ameliorating, as the time is running by. Making our lives easier to live in is not the only role that technology plays in our lives.


Technology is playing an indispensable role in education today. Many educational programs that are available today are because of the innovations in technology. As the technology advances, it will be used to benefit students of all ages in the learning process. Technology used in the classroom aids students to absorb study materials. For example, visual learner will find it easy to absorb lectures with projection screens instead of simply listening to the teacher.


Software may be used in classroom to deliver lessons to students. Teaching programs can be made efficacious with software including study questions, activities, tests, and quizzes. Software provides students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Technology has become a part of many curriculums today, even outside of the computer and technology classes. Nowadays, students utilizes computers for presentations, and they use the internet to find out topics, papers, and essays.


Students are given training to use the technology in computer and technology classes to assure that they will be able to use the same technology in a work setting. Technology may introduce students in front of other students who have no access to particular software or technology in a school setting. Students will have healthier access to educational opportunities with the advancement of technology. When something novel appears in this world, then it makes its predecessors more affordable; therefore, schools with tight budget use affordable technology.


Technology has constantly improved to help children even before they started to go to school. Educational systems and video games help children to prepare for school. There are also people who say: “Children are ruined by technology.” Technology is the reason why we see brisk children today. Technology is a vital partner of our society. By incorporating technology in the classroom, students will be better armed to switch from classroom to the workplace.


This period is an era of technology, and technology is the reason for which many people struggle today. Technological inventions have made the learning process convenient for us. Video conferencing, modern software, and projectors are the gifts of Modern Science, and these inventions have given a new meaning to technology. Technology has consistently contributed to education, and we see children well-aware of technology today. Students learn about technology in schools, colleges, and universities. In a nutshell, technology in education has made the lives of students convenient and flexible