Social media has been in the rise in the recent years. It has been used by many politicians who want to rise to the power in mobilising voters.

Social Media

The year 2008 has already entered in the book of the world record history in the United States of America as the year when social media was widely used in campaigning politics. This is the year when aspiring president barrack Obama used wide the social media platforms to carry out his campaigns country wide in the United States of America. This is the time when president Obama brought the use of social media in forefront. Through the use of social media it enabled him to run the most effective political campaigns as quoted by many people who participated in that election.

Since then most people who have developed even the slightest interest in holding an office have opened various social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn among other many social platforms. Their main intention of doing is that they want to leverage their people to become voters who are actively participating. Also the other intention is to ensure that the voters are motivated to the polls and vote for them.

The other reason why most of these politicians have embraced the use of social media is that they find it easy to promote their messages to the people and also to define their stance on discussing matters that affect people and make some contributions to the national dialogue.

Besides, social media being used by the politicians, the companies have also embraced the same. They are using social media in promoting their brand products so as to attract customers. In this case the companies can be related to the politicians but the slight difference is that the politicians are their own brands.

From all these dimensions such as politics and economics, social media can be used to spread propaganda. One thing that people should understand is that the propaganda are equally as old as the politics itself. In the 21st century the tools of social media have been used widely to spread propaganda.

How propaganda works and its effectiveness

Propaganda works when people tend to create information funnel. In this funnel they try persuade individuals to go one direction. When they go that one source it becomes easy for them to be brainwashed since they tend to listen to the source that they deem is the most credible to listen to. These will keep them repeating one thing now and again ending up doing different things but under the same theme. With time people will start internalizing as the truth. This one has become more evident more especially in this 21st century when technology is being used widely. In some time back people used to go behind their radios or televisions to get information.



Ways through which social media changes how propaganda works

Social media works in spreading propaganda in the fact that it reaches many people. But also some people look at it as a false sense since they have control over the filters and most of them have the ability to filter out individuals or any site and welcome them to their own newsfeeds. This means that these people have control over the information that they receive but if they continue receiving information that is false from a source that they trust then it means that they are being manipulated. This is what causes the problem in that people don’t turn to their filters and act being judgemental about the information they are receiving because they chose to subscribe to that site.

Also, it should be noted that the use of social media has created new avenues to citizens to make some contributions to the debates that are conducted publicly. This has deprived the journalists their powerful roles. In some days back, the diffusion of internet, politics and science were used to discuss development as an opportunity that is promising in empowering citizens so that they can actively participate in politics with the intention of making democracy work better. But due to suspected propaganda, attacks and spread of hate speech channelled by the social media, it has proven to be incivility, exposing its dark side and becoming apparent.

Besides the tools of social media are not only benefiting the propagandists but also, but also the politicians, our own companies and any other person with some sort of vested interests. For instance in the 1910s and 1920s is the year when politics and polling started whereby some companies wanted to employ mass marketing. They wanted to transact their products and figure out those techniques that are better for marketing. This was the beginning of the politicians too to borrow some facts from the marketing techniques used by these companies so as to advance themselves so that they can get re-elected.