Many students think that essay writing is a burdensome and painful assignment. Why? Because, they do not have any clue how to approach essay writing. If you get the approach correct for essay writing, then you will find that essay writing is not painful at all. In fact, an essay writing is a process that is, full of fun.


For a good reason, essay writing is often referred as an Art. It can take years of practice from readers to perfect the craft, essay writing. Many students become professional essay writers at the end of their school careers. How? Because, they continuously practice the craft, essay writing. Here is a basic essay writing guidelines that tells you how to write an essay:


Guideline #1: Read and Understand the Essay Topic or Question

It is the most crucial part of the essay writing process. Once you have properly realized what an essay question is asking; you can analyze what kinds of supporting research you will need. You do not need to formulate your complete argument in an essay; you can save it for the later. First of all, you must understand exactly what the question is demanding from you. So, highlight the key points and brainstorm for some possible angles for your essay.


Guideline #2: Research about the Topic

You should visit library, go to the internet, read some books, and go through your notes. You must go through the specific question at hand, and read information relevant to it.


Guideline #3: Write an Outline

Outline works as a support for essay writing. You do not need to create a formal outline. You only need to make space for main points and sub points in an essay outline.


Guideline #4: Write a Thesis Statement

Do you know about the foundation of your essay? It is a thesis statement on which your essay is based. It is the one or two sentences, where you make an argument, add the debate, and crisp to your essay. Thesis statement comes at the end of your essay introduction, and it is the starting point for the rest of your essay.


Guideline #5: Write the Paper

You should start writing. Your writing does not need to be a masterpiece, so just write the first draft. Write something on a paper that can be transferred into a final product.


Guideline #6: Edit the Paper for Content

You should edit your essay paper to make sure you are staying on target, following your thesis, and having sufficient supporting evidence to prove your thesis.


Guideline #7: Edit the Paper for Content

Have a quick look at your essay, and identify grammatical problems in it such as spelling mistakes, punctuation marks, formatting errors, and so on.


The easiest and definitely the most enjoyable one is that you go through your essay with red pen and edit it ruthlessly. If you do this, then you will eventually come up with a perfect essay.